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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  October 5, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. captioned by cled ctioning serves, inc.
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good morning i'm eric thomas in for sheryl shrl. and i'm kristen sze. a stunning judgment in gas prices some over $5. analysts say $6 may not be far off. people are lining up to save money. >> reporter: they've been lining up all morning it is fear of $6 per gallon. lines bringing back pheplg res for those of us remember gaslines years gone by. people are not concerned about the time i talked to them, they don't care. a lot of first timers trying to get in while the getting is good. a few days ago $4.29 would have been no b today it is a good deal among the lowest in the bay area. so good sandy is willing to wait to fill his tank but he's not happy. >> just a matter of we are
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going to sak you a little more and you know, they don't care. >> reporter: prices have jumped say experts because of drop in supply caused by richmond refinery fire last month and pipeline problems in southern california. some weren't buying that. >> i think its outrageous. i'm not sure what the reason is for that. i don't believe what is being purported. >> reporter: in menlo park although turnout -- low turnout at shell because of prices $5.505 -- regular unleaded so many fives the owner had to use upside down twos. >> i thought i need to get where i'm going i come in like i do once a week and fill up and i unfortunately, i don't pay attention to prices. >> reporter: this man refuses to let raised prices raise his blood pressure. >> the prices are going to do what they are going to do. they go up, down, i'm not
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going to let it bother me it >> reporter: another way to not let it bother you is to know where the best gas prices are where you live. download the free waze app to your phone. it will take you to a place that you can get reasonably priced gas, lowest gas around. you want tdrive 10 miles for gas,ou can that too. is morng i wain menlo park we saw inhe packa, $5.05 for regular, less than three mill miles away you can get it for $4.70, 60 or 50 the waze app can keep money in your wall lot. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. latest unemployment numbers are out today and they potential to jolt the presidential campaign. jobless rate is the lowest since president obama took office. karen travers is in washington with the impact.
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>> reporter: could this be a game-changer in the presidential race? for the first time in nearly four years the unemployment rate fell below 8%. unlike previous months when the rate dropped because people gave up looking for work. this was due to substantial increase in employment. >> most folks are going to work, they believe enough in this economy to seek or get jobs that's really significant. >> reporter: the nation added 114,000 jobs in september, modest number about wt economists were expecting. the government reported upward revision for july and august. 86,000 jobs added over those two months. after president obama's weak debate performance wednesday, democrats are hoping this positive economic news can be a potential boost. >> the president: today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to sre a few political points. it is a reminder that this country has come too far to
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turn back now. >> reporter: mitt romney responded to the jobs report, this is not what a real recovery looks like. former ceo of ge jack welsh ignited a twitter storm this morning when he accused the obama administration of manipulating the numbers for political gain. >> there are always charges of manipulation on either side that's conspiracy thinking. >> reporter: the bureau who put out the jobs report are infrom the political process some republicans say welsh was way of base. karen traver, abc news, washington. >> american airlines cancelled a flight this morning as part of ongoing problems with seats. the flight was scheduled to takeoff 6:40 this morning the airline taking 44 flights out of service to fix the seat problems. 50 flights were cancelled yesterday. american ys wear, poor design and spilled soda can
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cause seats to pop loose during the flight. this adds to the troubles. health officials in contra costa county holding a news conference this morning concerning an east bay man who died from rabies although paced away overseas he may have contracted the disease close to home. laura anthony is in martinez. what are the health officials saying? >> reporter: they say this ma did contract rabies he in contra costa county. sounds like a prime example of whatnot to do when one encounters a bat and unfortunately, this 34-year-old man paid for this encounter with his life. health officials say the bat in question is a variety that is common in mexico, the southern united states and in contra costa county. about on in ten bat teste in calornia durihe cose of thear st posive for rabies i lifornia.
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this man had contact with the bat earlier this year and traveled to europe where he became ill and died, actually in switzerland in late july. here is how public health officials describe what happened to this man. >> in mid september an acquaintance called contra costa public health and indicated there had been an incident in late march of 201020 of in the south part of -- 2010 of in the south part of contra costa county where a bat was flopping on the ground and acting weird. another individual picked up the bat with a plastic bag. the gentleman who died of rabies went over and stuck his hand in the plastic bag and most likely was bitten. >> reporter: had this man notified the county or contacted a doctor he would have received rabies vaccine and we are told he likely would have survived. the initial bite from a bat is akin to a bee stin sthe m manot hav though it was serious. in this case the health
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department did identify and notify several dozen people here and abroad that may have had contact with this man. some of those have been treated since then with the rabies vaccine. it should be stressed that man-to-human transmissi is very re. bottom line here authorities say anyone who has any contact with a bat should contact both their doctor and health officials immediately. laura anthony, abc7 news. license -- peninsula district alerting parents after a flasher exposed himself to a girl. yesterday 3:30 a student was walking home a man in a dark sedan slowed down and exposed himself. the girl saw a young child in the back of the car. the girl reported the
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incident. there maye multie victim of a middle school teacher who committ suicide. james izumizaki was arrested last week on suspicion of lewd s with a former student. he was found dead monday morning. the case remains under investigation. san jose police looking for two men who swindled an elderly woman out of her lifesavings. investigators released these sketches of one man in his 40s and another in his 20s they duped the woman into giving them a large amount after one claimed they had a winning lottery ticket. >> the woman accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter to avoid a shoplifting arrest will make her first court appearance in a couple of hours. she in the santa clara jail she had been going by the alias of marcy keelin. she was extradited from nevada last night. investigators she and her daughter had been spotted shopping liing eloyees
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coront h sheran and spedff iaar leing her 10-yr-old daughr. > membering steve jobs one year after his death. the fitting tribu from te company he created, this morning. new addition to union new addition to union square shop
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the passingoftev jobs. the mpany posted a video online. >> technology married with liberal arts with the humanities that yields us to resolve that makes our hearts sing. >> apple chief died of cancer at age 56 in cupertino the city's blue flag at the community center is flying at half-staff today the mayor says it is a great way to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. union square's newest clothing store is open for business this morning. a japanese store offering apparel in a rainbow of colors it opened before 10:00 on powell street a block south of union square. the new store will have the so-called magic mirror it lows customers try on one jacket and electronically the color to see how it looks in another color. >> fascinating.
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increasing clouds in the north bay. sunny out there in parts of the bay, as you look towards our high-definition emeryville camera you can see filtered sun. how that will impact the forecast today and the weekend. san francisco's busiest weekend is officially underway. the music is playing in golden gate park, it is gre ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare plan that pays for some costs original medicare won't. now they can keep making memories for years to come. choose from plans offering protection from high out of pocket costs plus include prescription drug corage with youmonty premium.
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the busiest weekend of the year is in store for san francisco a million are expected to visit. amy hollyfield joins us live from golden gate park. >> reporter: this is poor man's whiskey performing for a lot of middle schl students who wereused in they are jamming out having so much fun. this event lasts all weekend, it is free this is the western side of the city up nortit isgoing to be bu. the acvity -- the activities there have already started there no-no ships or jets here but this softball tournament is one of the many activities as part of fleet week. it is a latively n
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addition part of the eort to involve eounitore fleet week. law enforceme and mitary teams play until a champion is crowned. >> this is our first year hopefully, if we win we will be bragging a lot. >> reporter: this event doesn't draw a huge crowd but the others will. with the blue angels performing saturdaynd sund ternoonnd te america's cu saoats sme are predicting record-sized crowds in san francisco. >> it is really busy. i'm amazed, i'm not used to this craziness. >> reporter: sophia is going to try and see the air show and america's cup and squeeze in one other big event. >> of course the giants' game. my mom and i have season tickets, we are going friday for sure itch >> reporter: city officials are suggesting public transportation. the embarcadero is going to be the most conjested cars are
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not recommended. alex says he is going to stay away from people and watch it from the rooftop. >> we are not moving, we are not going to try to move. some friends are trying to leave here and get to the cal game that sounds like too big of a trek. just plant it on the roof and watch the angels. >> reporter: with the 49ers and giants playing, moving around is going to be a must for most. hardly strictly bluegrass alone attracts ndreds of thound thelmos 90 ts this ekendhisventis ee ere's lotf fn ou tre is weeken the talent is -- the challenge is just going to be getting to hollyfield, abc7 news. >> as you mentioned there are half a dozen other special events this weekend. to find out how to get there using publish transportation go to look for the map under see it on tv.
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for the weather o tho eventsisa argen. >> changes coming i am system offshore has been sending a lot of clouds to the north bay right now looks good from our south beach camera, mix of clouds and sun at our beaches cool, temperatures in the 60s this is santa cruz partly cloudy, live doppler 7 hd shows there are clouds from the cirrus clouds off the coast to a stratus deck that will be moving onshore throughout the afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy should do it for the forecast today. numbers have warmed nicely throughout the morning when those clouds did thin out already in the mid 60s in san francisco close to the high mid 60s in fremont upper 60s in livermore and los gatos. we are looking at numbers little bit cooler than we were yesterday. in fact, santa rosa inhe 50s with clouds increasing throughout much of sonoma and
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marin going to be cool afternoon with sea breez calling it partly moly cloudy sun and cloud mix over the weekend. we a looki at ts area of low pressure to provide the clouds and perhaps a chance of showers as we head towards monday and tuesday the key holding off the chance of showers until monday. here the overnight lows, a little moisture perhaps along with santa cruz coast, 50s in oakland, 52 fremont, upper 40s to the north. definitely a little cooler out and the numbers continue to ru below average. ea of l pressure off the coast this ishat is sending up the high mid level clouds allowing for clouds to filter the sun from time to time, day-to-day that is going to keep numbers down, with 60s and 70s. as we get towards monday, tuesday the low continues to sink south and east of us that is going to allow for showers monday, tuesday. if you are headed to golden gate park plan on jacket, cool weather, low 60s for the hardly strictly blues
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festival. for the blue angels ceilings have to be above 10 feet it looks good for partly cloudy sky another cool afternoon for saturday and sunday. after that, we are looking at changes headed towards our forecast, very -- maybe wet changes into the next early part of the week. 71 fremont, 73p9z0t san jose, 67 watsonville, numbers for the seven day forecast rather cool below average. the system should head out by the end of the workweek twoeufpl weeks from tonight somebody is going to bank with $49,000 and it could be you. all you have to do is like us on our fan page facebook page whether you are a new fan or you liked us from the beginning click the win $49,000 buon at that wi takeou t th entry
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form wll annoue t winner october 18th after the game. all sorts of different levels for the blue angels whether or not they are going to flay, they probably will, but it is going to be cool. still ahead, lisa's job is not done. you are going to introduce us to this new friend coming up. >> yes.
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shortage on popular starbucks drink how much some are willing to fork out. at 5, new details reveal what a south bay principal knew about a teacher accused of molestation but never reported to authorities. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. time to meet ginger. >> very energetic she is --
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>> she is a terrier mix. she has a lot of energy also curious and intelligent a mix of two hunting breeds. she would make a great family pet. >> needs a lot of exercise. >> absolutely. 65 pounds, full grown 1-year-old. we transfered her from a shelter that no longer had room for her. she has been a our oakland shter waiti forthe perfect mah. >> hopefully that i smebody withids, family because sheikes a lot of love, of course. >> absolutely. >> you can call the east bay spca at 510-563-4611. very cute hopefully someone can give her a home. from all of us here at abc7 newshank you for joining us. >> gotta leave you with another gorgeous shot of what is happening on the bay.
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